Marine Exterior

Clean your boat, protect our oceans.

Most cleaners used on boat exteriors will eventually end up in the water. Our high-performance plant and mineral-based products are carefully formulated to be free from ingredients that endanger marine life and pollute our oceans. Ecostore products are readily biodegradable in marine environments, and are suitable for greywater tanks and black water systems onboard.

Greywater Suitable
Marpol Compliant
Blackwater Suitable
Ecostore Boat Wash

Our Boat Wash is specifically formulated to remove salt and grime from all hard and soft surfaces – including fibreglass, vinyl, plastic, metal, wood, rubber, glass and all painted and polished surfaces.

The concentrated formula is economical to use and space-efficient to store, with 5 litres making 200 litres of Boat Wash.

It’s gentle on sensitive skin, and the plant and mineral-based formulation rapidly biodegrades in marine environments, making it safer for your crew, and safer for our oceans.

ecostore Boatwash 1L
ecostore Boatwash 5L
ecostore Boatwash 20L
Ecostore Glass Cleaner

So clean, you’ll barely see it. Our Glass Cleaner is formulated to leave nothing behind but a gleaming, streak-free finish on both interior and exterior glass surfaces and windows. Its fragrance free, plant-based formulation is concentrated for better value and ease of storage.

ecostore Glass Cleaner 500ml
ecostore Glass Cleaner 5L
Ecostore Multi-purpose Surface Cleaner
For the safety of all those on board, this hygienic antibacterial Multi-purpose Surface Cleaner is proven to kill common germs and bacteria. It makes short work of oil, food, dust and dirt on hard marine surfaces, including tables, handrails, and social gathering areas.

It’s specially formulated with citric acid – a safer alternative to Benzalkonium Chloride – for a powerfully hygienic action that kills salmonella, e.coli, staphylococcus and enterococcus species.

Ecostore’s antibacterial Multi-purpose Surface Cleaner has been tested by an independent laboratory to kill up to 99.99% of Covid-19*.

*Eurofins Laboratory Australia, see link for further information.

ecostore Multi-purpose Cleaner 500ml
ecostore Multi-purpose Cleaner 5L
ecostore Multi-purpose Cleaner 20L